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we do. so they can.


 Who We Are



 Challenges are what make life interesting.

Overcoming them is what makes

life meaningful.



Guided by a mother's wish for her son and everyone who shares his life challenges, a passionate and life-committed group of philanthropists founded the Human Resources Center Foundation in 2015.

Our Vision

Human Resources Center Foundation believes in providing sustainable funding support to programs and services at the Human Resources Center, Inc. that empower the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities so that they may live their lives in the fullest potential.


Our Mission

As a public charity supporting organization, the Human Resources Center Foundation provides public project grants, school scholarships, and long-term financial support to Human Resources Center's programs and services that serve individuals with intellectual disabilities throughout six counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

President:    Mark Hoover  

Vice Pres:    Janine Edwards

Treasurer:   Brad Murray

Members:   Gary Beilman

                     Jeffrey Firmstone

                     Justin Genzlinger

                     Joann Hudak

                     John Martin 

                     Brian Wilken

                     Darlene Glynn




Board of Directors